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"New Year's Celebration Las Vegas Experience" 
with Dating Coach Austin Robinson 
Las Vegas, NV
December 28th - January 1st, 2020

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Exclusive clubs, hot girls and the adventure of a life time!


Vegas hosts some of the most beautiful women in the world; it is the mecca of attractive people. However, Vegas takes no prisoners. The girls can be yours if your game is tight AND you know the right clubs and secret locations!


The New Years Las Vegas Experience is a program like no other. Professional dating coach Austin Robinson will take you to meet and pick up some of the most beautiful women in the world. Unlike other Vegas programs that focus solely on cold approach pickup or immature schoolboy antics to prove you’re a fun guy, Austin Robinson’s proven, cutting edge, 360 approach teaches guys to create a lifestyle of abundance that will have hot women e chasing you!  As Dorothy says, there’s no place like Vegas; didn’t she?

Next to New York, Vegas is Austin’s second home. Why Vegas? Simply put, it’s the only place to find an abundance of women everywhere you turn. This means you get to practice your game non-stop and can jump from girl-to-girl without a break. You’d better get some rest so you can keep up with Austin and the girls he will attract to you. This intense exposure you’ll get from this program is just right for skyrocketing your game to a new level.  The Vegas Experience is the best way to get you on the path to success and mastery with women!



The truth is that most men are too afraid to admit they have no game. Many guys rely on their immediate social circle or on dating sites to get with a girl. Even then, most men end up settling for a woman who has selected them instead of getting a quality hot girl.  If men end up marrying these women (God help them), and many do, they’ll most likely end up divorced.   Nearly 70% of divorces in America are initiated by women. The court system often favors women, meaning that you could lose your money and your kids.


Due to frustration with women, many men are now turning to movements like MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) for answers. The Japanese have their own version called “Herbivore Men,” or men who are not engaging in sexual relationships. In fact, Japanese researchers reported in 2013 that about 61%  of surveyed men in their 20s and 30s identified with the movement. This is not a practical solution because men are made to procreate. Japan has seen a significant decline in birth rates in recent years. 


It’s important to have women, and plenty of them, in your life. Austin teaches men how to set the ground rules with women. Most importantly, his philosophy is predicated on the fact that when you communicate that YOU are the prize and selector, you actually flip the script and gain the upper hand. When a woman sees that you have an abundance of other girls in your life ready to take her place, she is more likely to check herself.

Most men don’t know how to create a life with lots of beautiful women at their disposal, which is why they fail in this area of their life. Instead, they live in a delusional state; believing that having an average looking girlfriend means they’ve got it going on. Unfortunately, this is a lie and their lives are nothing more than a ticking time bomb.



At this seminar, you’ll get the full picture on pickup, dating and the Vegas experience. Each night will be an incredible adventure of clubs, music, and beautiful women as Austin personally works with you in small, exclusive groups, coaching you in his revolutionary techniques to approach women, get numbers, set-up dates, and take girls (notice we said “girls”) back to your room the very same night. Unlike other programs where the instructors may not even pay any attention to you, the The New Year's Vegas Experience with Austin Robinson will immerse you into an entirely different atmosphere.


Welcome to the world of the true Alpha male, where you’ll be bombarded with real-world experience with some of the hottest women in the universe! Austin doesn’t teach guys to go after low hanging fruit; that’s what Adam did in the Bible and look what it got him! Austin’s techniques are hyper-focused on going after the hottest girls—the ones most guys are too afraid to approach. Here’s a secret: Many of the hottest girls in clubs are friendly and happy to talk to you. It seems counterintuitive, but you’ll find that a lot of girls we call 5s and 7s can be bitchy and downright rude to guys. Why waste your time with them while the real hotties are there for the picking?







Many dating coaches or pickup instructors fail to present the truth behind game. In fact, they mislead you into believing you can have this cool life full of women, a great social circle, and endless threesomes. But the truth is, to become this type of man you have to fight against the inner nerd or SIMP! And he’s not going away without a fight. 

– Hasta La Vista Baby!
You have spent your entire life as you and changes don’t come with motivational seminars and dumb physical exercises. Go ahead: scream, jump up and down, pound on your chest. When you leave their boot camp you’ll fall back on your default programming. The same old you!  

And if you do get dates you are told to pretend you are cool or dress the part. This “fake it until you make it” approach doesn’t work either. You can’t be something you are not. So, don’t pretend! Mastering cold approach does not mean you are good in dating and relationships. That is an entirely different set of skills. In fact, women are better at reading subtle signs than men. So, if you do land a hot girl most times she won’t stick around or be your long-term girlfriend. She will see right through your charade and know that you are not relaxed and comfortable around hot women. Your insecurities will quickly show. This is because you have been programmed or conditioned by society to hold women in higher esteem than men. In the #METOO age this condition is even worse. Now men are nervous about approaching women for fear of their response. Will she scream, call police, or call her boyfriend? 

Major Life Transformation

As a Master Hypnotist, Austin’s students don’t suffer from these problems. When you work with Austin he knows how to put you into a deep state of hypnotic trance to overcome any fear of approaching or any feelings of intimidation at the presence of a hot girl. Most dating coaches won’t tell you that using their methods could take you years to get to a point where you are truly relaxed and comfortable around women. And it will take even more time to become a “Alpha man,” one who draws women to him and has an exciting lifestyle. 

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can change a guy’s behavior overnight. When students work with Austin they go through life changing experiences. A session with him can take you from a nervous Joe to James Bond Mr. 007. Hypnosis has been used for years, especially in the medical field. It’s perfect for dealing with addiction, healing pain from surgery, improving athletic performance, and helping with depression. Now, imagine what it can do for you to speed up and excel in game. Remember, the idea is to become the tribal leader who has a group of girls at your call! 

With Austin’s hypnosis the benefits just don’t stop with game. Once you understand the principles of hypnosis and apply it properly you will see how it spills over into other aspects of your life. You’ll have more confidence as you take immediate action to live your life at its fullest. Many see increases in pay at their jobs as they become more productive. Others use Austin’s technique for super learning to take on new skills and get a higher paying job or an entirely new career! There are no limits!

And there’s one more thing. With Austin’s hypnosis techniques you’ll learn how to get the girl into a state of trance and spark more attraction. With his memorization technique you won’t even have to say a word to the girl. Watch her fall for you and follow you wherever you go! 
The world is yours... TAKE IT!


Contrary to popular belief, women are not only looking for a rich or good-looking guy. Yes, they are hardwired to look for and settle down with a provider, i.e., a man who has wealth and power to take care of her and her kids. This is a primitive instinct left over from caveman days when humans lived in communal settings. They also want a man who is good looking because he’ll make other women jealous, which means he is socially accepted and Women value social status within the tribe and will do whatever it takes to get a man who has power and influence.


Having said all that, here’s the kicker: it doesn’t matter whether you actually have any of these characteristics. Austin teaches that the persona of a man with money, looks, and status is what attracts women. Think about it. Demonstrating the qualities of a billionaire or captain of industry who acts like he owns the world makes you sexually attractive to women regardless of whether you really own the yacht or jet plane. Women want a confident man who seems like a leader destined for greatness. Being this man will have women falling all over you. Most men are clueless about how to demonstrate these qualities and spend most of their lives trying the acquire the actual material objects as if it’s all about peacocking or flossing. These tactics are ridiculous! You feel me?


Have you ever seen a girl with an absolute loser guy (no job, no ambition, no money) and wondered why she chose him?  Maybe she even goes out of her way to pay for his meals and even his rent!  This is because he has the one quality—or two qualities ----that turn her on. The first is that he is good in bed and is rocking her world. Second, he is Alpha in his interactions with her and demonstrates very clearly that she is not his world.


Many women who leave a relationship only to get into another relationship with the same type of guy, showing a clear pattern. They wonder why men are so messed up and why there are so few good men out there. The reason is that the so-called good guys don’t demonstrate the Alpha qualities women are instinctively hardwired to look for in a mate.


Austin’s mission is about showing these good guys how to change up their game so they can have the lifestyle of a rock star or flamboyant rapper. Once you develop these techniques in the Vegas Experience, the world will be your Oyster!




The hard-hitting truth about the reason men don’t truly succeed with women is that most men act like women. Much of this comes from the indoctrination of feminism, which has curbed male's behavior. Some of this is also due to the fact that many men have been raised by their mothers. Instead of getting real-world advice from women, their mothers have filled their head with misguided notions of what women want. Another factor is that their fathers probably had no game and you can’t teach what you don’t know.


Social engineering plays a large part, as most TV shows and corporate jobs are catered to women. Many TV shows write male characters as clowns, being incompetent and useless; like a utility designed to be used and disposed of. Society looks down on men who speak up about what they want. An Alpha male should never be afraid or ashamed to openly admit he is interested in a woman and wants sex. Nor should a woman be ashamed that she loves sex. Men are forced to take on female traits in order to survive. We are taught not to speak up in public, not to be assertive (that is defined as toxic masculinity), to be overly courteous to women (even if she is bitchy or disrespectful to you), and not to expect anything from a woman but friendship even if you take her out on a date. (She knows full well why you asked her out in the first place. You don’t need another “friend.”)


What’s is that men are taught that a woman’s feelings should come first.  You’re expected to take her on a date, pay for it, and make sure she has a good time, in spite of the fact feminists want women to be treated as equals. What about the man’s feelings?  We are taught that they don’t count. Isn’t it important that she makes you feel comfortable and that she works to get your attention? Shouldn’t she pay for some things? As far as we’re concerned, women should never be the main course, but merely an appetizer. Austin teaches that men must respect themselves and put their wants and needs first! 


In addition to a dating coach, Austin is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. He has been in the elite circles of Hollywood’s A-list actors and producers and knows the business inside and out.  He frequently gives seminars and lectures on techniques for breaking into the industry. Most of all, Austin is well known for his own industry parties where he is seen with Hollywood starlets and models. He is a master at networking and teaches others how to make power contacts. All students who attend the Vegas Experience will be afforded the opportunity to attend one of Austin’s exclusive party events in New York City!


I am the cause of things in the world and NOT the effect!
- Courses include both Day and Night game!-
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Level II

                  o   Approach techniques

o   Conversation skills

o   Key locations for pickup

o   How women think

o   Overcoming anxiety

o   Club Game

o   Casino Game

o   Street Game

Level I
Level III

o   Day game

o   Techniques on pulling during day game

o   Best locations and logistics for day game

o   Becoming a successful businessman

o   Club Game

o   How to pull more than one girl

o   The dynamics of a wingman and approaches

o   Lone wolf techniques

o   Advanced hypnotism: How to make a girl fall for you

o   Kino escalation/physical contact

o   Day game

o   Text Game

o   Lobby game

o   Personality displacement   

o   Hypnosis: How to put a girl into a state of trance

o   Multi-dimensional club game

o   Get the makeout

o   Uber Wealth principles

o   Alpha techniques for disinterest; getting her to chase you!

o   Creating an exclusive social circle

o   Close – Review of program


•    Registration before December 1st:      $1,200.00 Early Bird Special Fee


•    Registration after December 1st:         $1,500.00 Standard Program Fee


Before making a purchase please read our Terms and Conditions. All courses taught by Austin Robinson. Prices do not include flight, club entree fees and hotel. Car rental is not necessary as Uber and Lyft will be the main mode of transportation. Contact us for information on the best flights and hotels.

Austin Robinson is the leading east coast dating and life coach. He focuses on helping men and women achieve their dreams in the areas wealth development, spirituality, dating and relationships. He is also a successful entrepreneur who runs his own tech startup in New York City. To view Austin's bio click here!


"Sometimes in life you have to roll the dice and see what happens!"
Imagine never having to go out to clubs or do day game. With Social Circle Game men and women come to you. Girls not only hit you up, they introduce you to their hot girlfriends, increasing your circle exponentially. As a dating coach and filmmaker, Austin has built a social circle of famous actors, models, millionaires, advertising executives, and more. He can show you the ins and outs of building your own circle so that anytime you pick up your phone you’ll have girls ready to come see you! Austin is going to reveal real secrets that will get you started and make you the guy every girl wants to know.

Too many dating coaches are still caught up in the nineties. They have failed to realize that the game has changed. We’re headed in a new direction now, which is more niche focused. Social Circles are now your best avenue to not only meeting girls but having a consistent flow of women in your life. Going out night after night with cold approach after cold approach can be exhausting. And if your game is not expert level you can expect very inconsistent results. But when you put in place a solid social circle filled with hot girls, then not only does it increase your value, but you’ll have the pick of the litter! 
 Super Bonus Extra: SOCIAL CIRCLE GAME!



Say it loud, say it proud... I AM KING!


Did you know that 1% of the world’s population controls more wealth than the other 99%? Some call them the cabal, others call the Illuminati. Whichever terms you choose, the question remains: how does such a small population control the masses? The trick is creating an elite inner circle that controls the true knowledge of human social behavior. They use social engineering to shape the trends, culture, and mindset of the population. The masses fall for the mainstream media hype, but true knowledge is often not readily available to the masses. 


In short, if you are looking for the most powerful system for picking up beautiful women, having a relationship with quality girls, and being a master of the universe in business and life, Austin Robinson has what you need. The Vegas Experience will transform your life and get you on track to becoming part of the elite of the world! 

Did you know that 99% of women are going after the top 1% of men. This falls into what is knowns as the 80/20 rules which suggests that 20% of the men in our society are being chased by 80% of the women. Meaning these men have their pick of 80% of women. So if you are not part of that elite 20% of men then you are part of the desert male community whose seed will never spread and never reproduce. In short, you will not meet and hook up with any quality woman!


THE 80/20 RULE
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